Other Trainings

Other Trainings

You can take trainings such as Kubernetes, Blockchain, IT Intelligence, Machine Learning and Docker, which are developing today and will find a place in many areas in the future, from the experienced  trainer staff of Depar Academy and be one step ahead of your competitors.

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Blockchain is a distributed data record structure or system. Transactions you have made with Blockchain cannot be deleted or changed. In addition, they are connected to each other like a chain and are also linked to each other by encryption algorithms. With Blockchain training, you can learn all the necessary details by going down to many important details like this.

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With Docker Tutorials, you can get a powerful introduction to containerization fundamentals and practices in a single Docker node. You can begin to understand how it offers the ability to assimilate basic container arrangements within a simple cluster and scale Docker across multiple nodes.

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IT Intelligence

With Artificial Intelligence trainings, you can acquire the requirements of Artificial Intelligence approaches, methods and techniques in general.

Machine Learning

If you take Machine Learning trainings, you can learn the basics of analyzing complex data quickly and automatically.


Kubernetes can manage, scale and deploy applications like docker. Its most important feature is that it provides a high degree of automation and enables better management of complex jobs. With Kubernetes, you can perform functions such as controlling the operation of the application, installing the preferred storage system, self-healing.

Detailed Information About Trainings

Depar Academy offers corporate trainings in many areas of the technology world with its qualified trainer staff. We offer an end-to-end service to our guests during a training in Turkey. From the moment you get off the plane, we take you from the airport with our specially arranged vehicles with our  transfer & shuttle service, and we ensure that you settle in the hotels we have contracted with with our  hotel & booking service.

If you want to receive the training in your own language, not in English, we provide language support with the  Interpreating service. If you take corporate IT training in Istanbul, on the last day of the training, we organize a  travel & tour to the places that best reflect the historical and cultural structure of Turkey under the leadership of a  tour guide.