Tourist Information

Dear participants, when you come to Istanbul, you can find the information you want about your needs such as transportation and travel on this page.

Istanbul Card

Istanbul Card

a) How can I get Istanbulkart?
You can obtain your Anonymous Istanbulkart from all individual and corporate representatives or ticket machines (Automatic Filling / Vending Machines) throughout Istanbul.
For Istanbulkart Purchasing and Loading Points:

b) How can I load money on my Istanbulkart?
Anonymous Istanbulkart fee is 25₺.
You can top up your Anonymous Istanbulkart from all individual and corporate representatives, Biletmatiks, https:// website and Istanbulkart Mobile Application.

c) Safe Transportation with HES Code Matching
During the pandemic period, contact persons will not be allowed to pass in order to make urban transportation safer. Istanbulkarts, whose HEPP code has not been processed, will not be able to be used in public transportation as of January 15. The matching process can be completed by filling in the required fields on the HES code, personal information and phone number received via Hayat Eve Fitar application or SMS.

» Why is it important? In order to be able to travel comfortably during the training you will receive in Istanbul.. At the end of the training, you can find the details of the tour we will organize with our private vehicles and tour guide here.



It is a means of transportation that connects the two sides without being included in the city traffic, which is only in Istanbul.


It is a mode of transportation that allows you not to lose your time with underground transportation in the city.


It is a state-of-the-art fast mode of transportation available only in Istanbul.


You can travel with the unique Bosphorus view of Istanbul.

Currency Transactions

Currency Transactions

Although Turkish lira is used in most places in Istanbul, some businesses also accept payments made in dollars and euros. In addition, it can be used for payments made by debit and credit cards throughout the city, and some places only serve with cash payment. There are many exchange offices in Istanbul where money can be exchanged.

→ Exchange offices in Istanbul generally start to serve as of 09:00.

→ Exchange offices usually close between 19:00 and 20:00. The reason why the closing hours of some offices differ is due to the fact that they are private sector institutions.

→ Although exchange offices are generally closed on weekends, some offices may be open on Saturdays and Sundays, especially in areas with high tourist density.

→ Exchange offices at the airports are generally open 24 hours a day. However, an additional commission may be charged if you trade foreign currency at the offices here.

→ Considering Istanbul in particular, the number of exchange offices in districts such as Fatih, Şişli and Kadıköy is higher than in other districts.

Important Phones

Important Phones

· Police: 112
· Tourism Info: 176
· Tourism Police: +90 212 527 45 03
· İstanbul Airport: +90 212 444 14 42
· İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport: +90 216 588 88 88
· Electrical Fault: 186
· Gas Fault: 187
· Forest Fire: 177
· Health Counseling: 184