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The Importance of Blockchain

The importance of Blockchain

What? What does it do?

Everything has become virtual nowadays. Especially during the pandemic period, we started to do everything online remotely. Our workplaces are online, our shopping is online, our socializing is online. In this process, we all became a part of the virtual world...

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Where Should I Visit in Istanbul

Where should i visit in Istanbul?

Where? Why go?

Istanbul is a city with a much more deep-rooted history compared to many other cities. We know from very recent history that it hosted many different states. This distinguished city, known by many names and even the subject of songs, opens the door to history for us. Make their visitors travel back in time...

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Welcome To The World Of Metaverse

Welcome to the world of Metaverse

What is? What can be do?

We hear the same name all the time in the forum sites we have visited recently, in our daily conversations around us, in the news we read and in many other places; "Metaverse". So what is this Metaverse? When did it come into our lives? What has changed in our life or what will it change in the future?

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Make Your Life Easier With LMS

Make your life easier with LMS

What is? Whot does it do?

LMS, meaning “Learning Management System” in English, is a software created to manage e-learning processes more efficiently and effectively. Although it is translated into Turkish as "Educational Management System", the English abbreviation LMS is mostly used. Thanks to this system...

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